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Etching is a Intaglio technique that is made by drawing on a copper plate with a sharp tool. The metal plate is immersed in a ferric acid tank, where the acid bites into the metal removing only the areas that are exposed leaving behind the design. The incised areas hold the ink and then transfer onto a damp sheet of paper using an etching press. Prior to etching the metal plate is prepared by filing down the edges to a 45 degree angle. The surface is then polished to remove any scratches or imperfections. The copper plate is then placed on a hot plate at 175 degrees and coated with an acid-resistant substance called etching ground. once the ground drys you can draw with different sharp tools. To create tones an Aquatint technique is used with powdered rosin or enamel paint to resist against the acid. For every tone the plate is taken out of the acid bath and then blocked out with an acid resistant liquid. For each print the copper plate is hand inked, until the edition is completed.  

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