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  • TECHNIQUE: Woodblock, Aquatint, Chine-Collé, Serighraph, Gold Leaf


    DIMENSIONS: 20x24 with hand deckled edges


    SUBSTRATE: Magnani Pescia paper (Gray)


    COLORS: 5




    YEAR: 2018

  • "Alchemy" is a mix media print, using a combination of five printmaking techniques . The first color was printed using a reductive Woodblock technique, using the natural wood grain and hand carving to create a background texture. The second and third colors were printed using a aquatint technique, using a 18x22.5 copper plate that was emmersed in a acid bath three seperate times. The lightest of the three tones was etched for 6 minutes then blocked out with an acid-resistant ground allowing only the exposed areas to be etched. The plate was then etched for 10 minutes, blocked out and etched again for 12 minutes creating the darkest shade of blue once printed. Before the plate was printed each of the prints were dipped into water for over 30 minitnues. The Chine-Collé paper was then damped with water and evenly covered with a powdered adhesive and then placed over the hand inked plate (adhesive side facing up). Once the plate and print were registered on the bed of the press, they were simultaneously ran under the press with an tremendous amount of pressure, transfering the textures of the plate and adhering the colle paper to the print. The fourth and fifth colors were printed using a serigraph and gilding technique, printing a transparent color to create a shadow and sizing for the final gold leaf layer. Once the printed sizing was tacky enough, the 24K gold leaf was then adhered on to the surface of the stencil using a speacial goat hair brush. For each technique the print was left on the drying rack until it was dried enough for the next process. Once the printing process was completed, the prints were then hand deckled, signed and numbered. 

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